Grow your savings and accumulate wealth in an institution that will help you become financially independent through our various customized financial products and advisory services.

Junior Account

Open an account for your child and teach them to save for their future. Access loans against their savings for school fees and emergency loans and live a life free from worry.‚Äč

Mavuno Account

This account is designed for members who want to save up for the Christmas holiday and stay ready for
January without worrying about being broke.

“Start Saving Today”


Buy shares and earn annual dividends against the shares you buy. All members must buy a minimum
share value of Ksh. 5,000 (Each share valued at Ksh. 500).


Accumulate your wealth by making monthly deposit savings. Borrow against these savings up to three
(3) times of the accumulated deposits. Minimum monthly deposit of Kshs. 1,000 per month. Earn annual interest from the savings.